Our Homes

Nest Homes have created healthy, sustainable, flexible, innovative eco friendly and strong homes which means all our home buyers can be sure they are investing in their own and their families future. Our homes are modern, affordable and quick to build. Nest Homes focus is on  healthy homes they all feature no harmful chemicals in the materials we use, no arsenic's no chromium's and below minimum standards for formaldehyde levels.  All our homes feature a Breathable wall system meaning the way the house manages moisture , allowing a warmer dryer home with lower energy costs, comparable homes do not do this. Our building sites are (almost) zero waste and our down stream waste management systems are friendly to our environment. Nest Homes are built in paneled form prefabricated in our factory then transported to site and lifted into place we are generally watertight in a few days. This allows control of build and costs and ensures speed of build.

Our Materials

We are using innovative construction ideas, techniques and materials .Our materials are sustainable, natural and almost all biodegradable ,looking after our environment  now and into the future while creating a healthy and efficient home This makes these homes unique in today's market. These homes can be transportable ( not preferred because of cost)  or built on site by our trained and skilled team with knowledge of the systems and techniques required. Our homes are water tight in only days and build times are normally between 10-12 weeks complete assuming a clear run and no sub trade delays.

Your First Home

Nest homes is a fresh, innovative team of like-minded people setting out to build architectural, affordable and simple homes. We have several designs for you to choose from that will personally suit you and your price range. Nest Homes hopes to create a community of like minded, bright, young individuals through building beautiful homes. Our range of plans include sleep outs 10m2  ,Minor dwellings 65m2, our standard plan at 111m2 and upwards to suit individual needs. Coming soon to our range is a two level dwelling to suit high density environments where a small foot print is required (90m2) All these homes feature the Nest system and materials used to create a strong and healthy home that is warm and healthy , sustainable and friendly to our environment a home that will wear and endure the demands of family life

Your Holiday Home

Farm accommodation

Nest Homes are well suited as the perfect kiwi holiday home. Our simple yet architectural and affordable designs will stand up to the demands put on these homes from constant use. From entertaining over summer to being locked up over the winter months. With a smaller site foot print, you have more room to move. A no stress and fast build makes planning your holiday home easy. Our low maintenance design is a unique home to put on your own piece of paradise, with flexible plans that enable you to use the home as needed and materials that stand up to the demands needed from a kiwi bach. 

Our homes have become popular with farmers wanting hard wearing but warm healthy homes for farm staff, a home capable of being moved if and when needed .A home built fast and affordable.   A maintenance free home. The homes are flexible( after being built) to accommodate room size changes as staffing changes require.

Farm staff require a warm home that is easy and fast to heat, Nest homes will do this.

Your Forever Home

Nest Homes low maintenance, yet architectural designs are great for retirement, healthy, affordable and low cost to run. Warm in the winter and cool in the summer, with plans that are flexible enough to enable you to downsize whilst still being able to have the grand kids over in the weekends. The ease of building with Nest homes means that you are able to get into a new low maintenance home without the stress of a usual build.