What is a Nest Home

Architectural. Affordable. Simple

All Nest Homes feature unmistakable designs and uncompromising technical and material choices creating healthy, sustainable and environmentally friendly lived in environments . Strong edgy modern design is our first focus, followed very closely by health and performance. We ask our homes to perform in all areas and to a higher standard than the average. These areas include health, to be toxin and chemical free, to have clean, warm and dry air, for the house itself to take care of moisture management, durability, strength, sustainability and also waste management during construction and into the future. Our homes are almost zero waste which in today’s construction industry is unheard of and arguably industry leading. Almost all of our building materials are biodegradable and as mentioned contain no arsenic’s, no chromium’s, no silica’s and below the minimum level of formaldehyde. The Foreverbreathe wall system that we use has been given the ‘blue butterfly sensitive choice’ stamp of approval for people with asthma and allergies. Check out healthbasedbuilding.com and click on Foreverbreathe Specification for details.

Not only do we consider yours and your families health, we also consider the homes impact on the environment as well. Environmental health in all areas is a major focus for us.

Your Nest home will feature innovative and sustainable material choices, innovative and sustainable construction systems . Your home is designed, built and marketed by the same person and or team with quality control their main focus. We want each and every one of our homes to perform as best as it can. We do not design nor build our homes to the minimum standards applied to other homes, Nest Homes adhere to a standard higher than what the NZ building code requires.

Is a Nest home expensive then?

No, we do not consider these super high performance homes expensive at all. Affordability is one of our key components.